Saturday, 25 November 2017

Cosy Christmas Evening

Our annual Christmas evening is usually a cosy affair - much more pleasant than most Christmas shopping experiences! Homemade mincepies & cakes, steaming mugs of hot drinks, relaxing background music, friends and chat... you get the idea. Oh, and of course, there are the book deals! We're excited to be offering 'Wonders of Creation', the new coffee table book from Day One, at a 'you-won't-find-this-cheaper-anywhere' price, plus Helen Roseveare's new 'Count it all Joy' alongside a 3 for 2 on children's books. We've even sneaked in a few Martin Luther's - yes, we couldn't resist the Playmobil Martin Luther figure, so we have a few 'lil Luther's in the shop for you to pick up as stocking fillers!
We look forward to seeing you on Monday 27th, or if you really can't make it but you don't want to miss out on one of the offers, just give us a call to make your order (we draw the line at sending out mincepies though 🙂).

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

The Sweet Taste of Providence

Christine Farenhorst is a master storyteller, always engaging and finding new ways of pressing a message home. This book of 74 short stories from history is no different. Not all the stories are about Christians, some are about obscure and little known places and people but all are thoughtfully told so that the reader is drawn to consider and clearly see God's providential workings.  Each short chapter begins with a scripture passage and ends with well crafted 'Food for thought' questions. These are not trite, repetitive questions but at times real mind benders!
For example, in one chapter where we read about the man whose technical skills developed the techniques that led to the creation of the Gutenberg Press - the printing press that began the mass printing of Bibles. The gentleman himself was not thought to be a Christian, and he died friendless and penniless, but what wonderful good has come from the development of his techniques! In this chapter, one of the 'food for thought' points is... 'We live in an age where technology has advanced much beyond Gutenberg.  How can we be accountable and use this technology to God's glory and honour and to the advance of his kingdom?'.
I think this book really fills a gap in the market for devotionals for teenagers. It could be used as a daily reading or adapted for group discussions, but however it is used it will provoke careful analysis of the situations that face us in our daily lives and will cause the reader to consider our sovereign God who has all times, situations, people and places in his hands for the furtherance of the gospel and his glory.
The Sweet Taste of Providence - 74 Devotional Episodes from History, by Christine Farenhorst, published by Joshua Press.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Battle of Seattle - A Review

This book is classic Douglas Bond - a fast paced thriller with a Christian undertone.  The characters are beautifully developed, so that their emotions can be shared with the reader.  They feel the fear of battle, the painfulness of loss and the toughness of finding courage when there is none.
The story centres around William Tidd, an orphan who cares for his sister, with the help of his friends Noclas and the Indian, Charlie Salitat.  As war breaks out between white settlers and Indians, he joins the Washington Territorial Militia tasked with defending Washington Territory and finding the Indian chief Leschi.  William Tidd becomes an express rider with his beloved horse, Prophet, and fights through skirmishes, raids and battles, culminating with the Battle of Seattle.
This is a compelling novel and an amazing addition to the 'Heroes & History' series.  I recommend the book highly, even if you do not have much prior knowledge about the Pacific Northwest, as none is needed.

'Battle of Seattle' by Douglas Bond is published by P & R Publishing in paperback, £8.99.

Review contributed by a teenage reader

Thursday, 14 September 2017

The First London Confession of Faith

We seem indebted to US publishers for so many valuable reprints these days. Particular Baptist Press have brought out a quality edition of a much neglected early Baptist Confession. Lumpkin thought it the Confession that had the greatest 'formative ... influence on Baptist life.' It was first issued in 1644. Then, when some degree of toleration was experienced by nonconformists, it was revised and reprinted in 1646, together with an Appendix by Benjamin Cox to clarify some points of doctrine which had been questioned by opponents. Seven Baptist churches in London came together to produce it, probably to distance themselves from continental Anabaptists and to assure the authorities of their peacefulness and morality. I'm not sure that Michael Haykin's view expressed in the historical introduction that it was written to 'demonstrate once and for all their fundamental solidarity with the international Calvinist community' is quite true. The later Baptist Confession of 1689 smacks more of that: it falls much more into line with the Westminster Confession. But in 1644 conditions were more precarious for Baptists. The Civil War was on, but neither side could be looked to for granting liberty of conscience. There were many amongst the Parliamentarians who were as intolerant of them as the King was. So this Confession is a brave, unflinching declaration of faith, having the feel of something forged in the fires of persecution - a kind of 'here I stand, I can do no other' type of Confession. It is notable for its conciseness, its Christ-centredness, and its grasp of the New Testament doctrine of the Church and the life of the believer.
A facsimile of the original title page is included in this edition. It looks back to the past with affection, but is also intended to be of practical use today, and modern formatting facilitates that.
'The First London Confession of Faith 1646 Edition' is published by Particular Baptist Press in paperback. Our price is just £3.50.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

God's Design

A Bible-believing Christian life can be a difficult one in this day and age.  Persecution in the western world is subtle but intentional.  Children are taught a liberal set of 'British values' in schools and God's good design for family and relationships completely disregarded, in fact actively spoken against throughout the media and society as a whole.  There are many good Christian books recently published on the current hot topics and issues that we face surrounding gender, sexuality and relationships.  I mention just one here as it stands alone in being aimed at younger children.  In the excellent 'Making Him Known' series for children around the ages of 7-12, this particular title 'God's Design' is specifically aimed at teaching younger children about God's good design for men and women.  It begins with God's great and unique creation of men and women and the Biblical differences between them.  We read of man's rebellion against God's design in the garden of Eden and how this has distorted roles and relationships since.  We hear of Jesus the perfect man, and other examples of good men and women in the Bible.  We are taught the necessity of keeping our minds and bodies pure and then of the gifts of marriage, companionship and children.
When children are just too young to be directly taught on homosexuality, transgenderism and gender fluidity this is a really helpful book to use as a starting point for discussing the Biblical differences between men and women and God's plan for families and relationships (whether single or married).  What a wonderful design God's design is!

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Summer Reading Challenge

Our annual Summer Reading Challenge is back! This is a great opportunity to encourage your children to read throughout the summer season with discounted books and fun crafts & activities...

Take a look at the books available and get in touch to order your first one at 25% off the full price!
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If you live locally to us then please join us on our official launch morning... 
Wednesday 26th July, 10:30am
when we will be running children's crafts and activities.

The Small Print: Books must be chosen from the selection above. All books available while stocks last. Age categories are flexible. Reviews must be received before subsequent books are despatched. Normal carriage rates apply.
Challenge finishes on Thursday 31st August.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Luther in Love

It might sound a rather frivolous title, but don't be fooled - this is a book with serious historical substance. The life of Martin Luther has been much chronicled over the years, but Douglas Bond has taken it and put a new slant upon it in the best traditions of historical fiction. He shows us the man and his times through the eyes of his wife Katharina von Bora. This brings their relationship and their home life before us - the ex-monk and the ex-nun in the former monastery at Wittenberg. It was a busy, almost chaotic place, what with all the students that boarded with them. Here Luther held court with his famous tabletalk, played the lute and composed hymns, and brought up his children. Here the practical and human side of his Reformation theology was worked out. We see Luther warts and all - by turns explosive, tender, witty, depressive. We admire his industry, his literary output, his devotion to scripture and his courage, but the author also takes care that we see that the best of men are but men at best. Careful research into Luther's books, sermons and letters has furnished him with material to weave into the dialogue and give credibility to the story, and in this Douglas Bond has once again done a magnificent job. This is not action packed fiction, but the tale of the drama of those times of God-wrought change, and the depiction of the clash of ideas, together with a portrayal of Luther's powerful personality means that one finishes the book informed, stirred and edified.
'Luther in Love' by Douglas Bond is published by Ink Blots Press in paperback for £11.99. It is currently only available in the UK from us.